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The world has been raving about the Molokini Crater, and it’s time to find out why. This crescent shaped dive spot isn’t just a mound of volcanic rock… it’s real life paradise…helping to explain why so many visitors crave Molokini snorkeling tours.

The Molokini Crater’s existence is told one of two ways. Scientists say the crater was formed from the shifting of Earth’s tectonic plates, causing volcanic eruptions underneath Maui. This eruption was so strong, it pushed volcanic rock about three miles southwest. Little did the people of Maui know that 230,000 years later, it would be one of the most beautiful scuba diving spots of all time.

The second story of the crater’s existence is said to be a Hawaiin myth. There was once a prince, Mo’o, in love with two women: Molokini, and the goddess of fire, Pele. When the prince chose Molokini over Pele, Pele was enraged. To get revenge, she cut Molokini in half, the bottom forming what we know as Molokini Crater. The top half was said to form Pu’u Ola’i, the north end of Makena Beach.

You can choose which story to believe, but the Crater’s history doesn’t end there. As World War II approached, The United States needed a location to practice dropping bombs. The shape and length of Molokini was the perfect target, as it was structured similarly to a battleship. After turning the spot to ash, it was left untouched until 1975. Unexploded bombs were dropped by the U.S. Navy, and then again in 1984, destroying what was left of the ocean life and corals.

After years of protesting from the public to stop the destruction, the U.S. deemed the Molokini Crater and its 77 surrounding acres a Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary and Marine Life Conservation District. It is protected by both the United States Coast Guard and the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife, so only those with permission can administer tours. And if that wasn’t enough, dropping an anchor anywhere but the designated spot is prohibited.

Now, The Molokini Crater looks better than ever. Its turnaround has made it a popular tourist destination for boat rides, snorkeling and scuba diving. Most of its ocean life has been restored, as the crater is home to hundreds of species of fish and coral… Good luck seeing the same fish twice! It even hosts some endangered fish, such as the Black Triggerfish and Parrotfish, to name a few. Its highest point is about 161 feet about sea level and the water shines a diamond blue, near perfect visibility.

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