Waipuilani Beach, Maui

Maui WindsurfingWinds are 25 gusting to 35 mph. The south shore of Maui along Kihei is covered with kite surfers. Some of these surfers (sailors? sailers? flyers? aviators?) will catch jumps over 50 ft. high, then settle back down to the water, landing like a feather.

That’s West Maui and Maalaea Harbor in the distance. Way in the distance, under the clouds, is Lanai. Click on the photos for a larger version.Windsurfing on Maui

This stop-frame series of photos will give you a bit of a feel for what I saw this morning.Flying Windsurfer

Lovers.Kihei beach, Maui

Waipuilani park rope swing.Kihei beach, Maui

Buzzing the BeachWindsurfer buzzing the beach

The beach isn’t crowded.Kihei beach, Maui

Waipuilani park, with kite surfers in the background.Kihei beach, Maui

Turtles on the beach today, with lots more swimming just off shore.Kihei beach, Maui

Kihei gets very little rain – less than 13″ per year. After raining on-and-off all day today, we were rewarded with this beautiful sight – a rare Kihei rainbow. Taken from in front of my house on Waipuilani Rd. A rare Kihei, Maui, HI rainbow

Kihei Sunset on the beachKihei beach sunset, Maui

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