Top 10 Questions We Get Asked About Snorkeling in Maui on the Lani Kai

Snorkeling in Maui on the Lani Kai

Maui Snorkeling With Kids

Do I need snorkeling experience to snorkel in Maui on the Lani Kai?

No. The Lani Kai and its crew are experts in snorkeling and SNUBA and they work with beginners and advanced divers alike. While some boats will go on more difficult dives with stronger currents, we build our trips to accommodate all ages and abilities. Our ultimate goal is to create a “breathtaking, yet relaxing” experience for everyone. We can accomplish that with our snorkeling tours to Molokini, Turtle Town and Coral Gardens.

Can I bring my baby or young child on a Maui Snorkeling tour?

Yes…and kids 3 & under are ALWAYS FREE with Maui Snorkeling! Smaller boats, that are more dive or snorkel-centered, usually will not allow young children and babies. However, the Lani Kai is a 53-foot, family-friendly boat that has plenty of seating and shaded areas, an old-school slide, boogie boards, swimming “noodles”, flotation devices, jumping platforms and ladders at the front and rear of the boat for easy access to the boat. And don’t forget, we’ll feed your crew at no additional cost on every Maui Snorkeling tour! 

How often do people get seasick on your boat?

While we have not done any highly scientific analysis, we can tell you that very few people get seasick while snorkeling with us. Of course, there are seasons that have witnessed higher rates because of windier periods with rougher seas, but it is not the “norm”. Typically speaking, you will usually see fewer people getting seasick on midsized snorkeling boats in Maui than on the smaller snorkeling boats in Maalaea Harbor.

Can I bring my own sunscreen?

Yes, but it has to be reef-friendly. The entire crew at Maui Snorkeling and the Lani Kai is committed to the protection of the waters around Maui and to the environment overall. As a result, we formed a partnership with Sun Bum suncare products that has enabled us to offer free Zinc-based Mineral, reef-friendly sunscreen to all Lani Kai customers on every snorkeling, whale watching, and SNUBA tour!

What food do you serve on the Lani Kai?

The 5-hour Maui snorkeling tour to Molokini and Turtle Town features an early morning continental breakfast and a late morning deli-style lunch. The 3-hour afternoon snorkeling tour to Coral Gardens offers a deli-style lunch. All food and drink is free on the tour.

Do you serve alcohol and how much does it cost?

We offer complimentary Maui Brewing Co. Bikini Blonde beer and our famous MaiTai’s, or as we like to call them, Lani Kai Tai’s, on every snorkeling tour. Alcohol consumption is limited until AFTER you have completed your in-water activities. Also, we do have private charters that are available if you prefer not to have alcohol while you enjoy your family snorkeling trip in Maui.

Do you have a slide?

Yes, we do. We also have boogie boards, swimming “noodles”, flotation devices, sunning canopies, jumping platforms and all necessary snorkeling equipment that are all FREE to use.

How long are your Maui snorkeling tours?

We run 2 different types of snorkeling and SNUBA tours in Maui. The morning tour is a 5-hour tour that allows our customers to SNUBA and snorkel at Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. Our afternoon snorkeling and SNUBA tour is 3 hours and allows for snorkeling at Coral Gardens.

Is your boat crowded?

We limit our snorkeling tours to only 49 people. We limit our Maui SNUBA dives to a maximum of 16 people (weather permitting) per dive site. In doing so, we ensure that nobody feels overcrowded. If you’re really lucky, you will book us on a day when we are not sold out and you may end up with less than 10 people! We never cancel due to low customer counts, ever! The ONLY time that we would ever cancel is if the captain decides the weather is too bad for safe boating. We like to say that these decisions are “made at the dock, not at the office”.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Not at all. In those instances, we encourage our customers to spend some time floating in the water with a flotation device to get comfortable in the water. After you have had a few minutes to get acclimated, we’ll suggest that you start with the mask and then the snorkel and then the fins. You’ll have plenty of time to snorkel, so there is never a rush to hurry and get started. Best of all, our crew will be there to help you every step of the way.

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