Snorkeling Hawaii: The Pros & Cons of Boat vs Beach Snorkeling

Pros and Cons of Boat vs Beach Snorkeling

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Advantages of Boat Snorkeling In Hawaii

Crystal Clear Waters

Taking a boat off shore allows you to experience the crystal clear waters that you won’t find in an beach snorkeling adventure.

Food and Drinks are Included

Our snorkel tours come with all food & drinks included which you need after a long day in the water!

Ride to where the marine life is

Hawaii has a wealth of marine life, some that can’t be seen anything else on earth. The most diverse and unique species can only be seen on boat tours off shore. Including sea turtles, whales and fish.

Best Equipment

When snorkeling, it is important to have high quality gear & that’s all included on boat tours. We even offer SNUBA. No experience necessary.

Best Instruction, expert crew & local knowledge

Any experience level can join boat tours, but there is a lot to know. Boat tours ensure safety and best local knowledge on where to go and ensure the best experience!

See island from the water

Not only do you get to enjoy a beautiful ride on the blue waters of Hawaii, the views of the islands are breathtaking!

See whales! ( In season)

From the months of November to April you get the chance to sea whales while on the boat, to and from snorkel locations!

All Inclusive

Boat tours are all inclusive. No need to worry about snorkel gear, food or drinks!

Beer & Mai Tai's included

An extra bonus for the adults is beer & mai tai’s are all included too!

Advantages of Beach Snorkeling In Hawaii

Wherever you want to go

Snorkeling from the beach offers you the freedom to go wherever you want.

As long as you would like

Without a tour, there is no time limit on how long you can snorkel for!


If you are on a budget, snorkeling by the beach is free which is a bonus.

No worries about sea sickness

If you or any of your group is prone to sea sickness, snorkeling by beach prevents it.

Often calm, sometimes rougher

Depending on the time of the day & season, snorkeling on the beach can either be calmer or rougher than taking a boat offshore.

Always private

Snorkeling on the beach offers more privacy than a boat tour with other travelers.

Never gets cancelled

Depending on the weather, snorkeling on the beach never gets cancelled.

Pro's of Snorkeling In Hawaii



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Disadvantages of Boat Snorkeling In Hawaii

Could get cancelled

Depending on weather conditions or other issues,, boat tours could get cancelled.

Could get seasickness

Motion & sea sickness could be an issue.

Cost money to go on boat

Boat tours provide a lot of value but do come with a cost.
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Disadvantages of Beach Snorkeling In Hawaii

Water less clear

Snorkeling on the beach does not have as crystal clear waters for optimal viewing of the marine life.

Limited marine life

The marine life close to shore is limited than what you will see offshore.

No whales

When in season, you won’t get prime viewing of the migrating whales.

Food & drinks not included

Spending all day in the water can be exhausting. Meals and drinks are not included when snorkeling off the beach.

Drive, park, walk

Depending on where you want to go, snorkeling on the beach involves getting yourself to the right spots.

Rent gear

Unless you brought your own gear on the plane, which costs money, you have to rent snorkel gear snorkeling one the beach.

Difficult to get to marine life with waves & rocks

Getting to the marine life off the beach can be difficult with waves and rocks nearby.

No trainers or lifeguards

Safety is a top concern, especially for families. Snorkeling on the beach does not include trainers or lifeguards.

Con's of Snorkeling In Hawaii on a Boat vs From The Shore



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