Choose the right snorkel mask

You may have heard about the new styles in snorkeling masks. Of course, we have all seen the “Traditional” snorkeling mask, but there is a recent trend toward full-face snorkeling masks. While these masks sound like a great idea, recent events have caused most Maui snorkeling boats to ban these products.

Wear a vest or flotation belt

It’s strongly suggested that beginners, non-swimmers, children and the senior wear vests, which help them float on the surface. In addition to being safe, a flotation device makes for a very relaxing and calm experience. Even the most advanced divers often choose to wear flotation belts so that they can spend all of their time exploring without the worry of staying on the surface.

Practice first

You wouldn’t start jogging without a small warm-up or a short stretching period, right? Why would you treat a snorkeling experience any differently? In fact, even the most experienced divers reacclimate themselves to the water when they first enter. It’s just smart to spend the first few minutes close to the boat to refresh your memory AND your muscle memory.

Be aware of your location

While getting yourself comfortable with the equipment and the water, use that time to also take notice of the currents, the trade winds, and marine life around you. Knowing what to expect when you leave the reach of your snorkeling boat will make for a much more relaxing experience as you float away from the boat.


Relax, enjoy, and rest

Swim gently and relax. The waters off Maui offer some of the best snorkeling in the world and they should be enjoyed. As with most things, the more unnecessary energy and movements, the poorer the results.

Pick a good spot

Choose a snorkeling spot that suits your ability and your comfort level. Snorkeling in Maui offers any number of beautiful diving experiences for all ages and abilities. If you feel comfortable, perhaps you can venture further away from the boat and closer to the shoreline. Or, maybe you’re more comfortable staying within a few feet of the boat. Either way, do what feels right for you!



It doesn’t take long to burn in Hawaii. Be sure to use adequate amounts of sunscreen and be sure to cover your back, as it will receive the most exposure to the sun and you will often not feel the heat as you float in the ocean. Finally, be sure to use “reef-friendly” sunscreens so that we can all protect the marine life.

Underwater etiquette

Keep a safe distance from the marine life. Do not touch them. Do not feed fish or turtles, because it will negatively impact the natural ecosystem. Love and respect all sea life.

Weather forecast

Keep yourself notified on the local weather forecast, including the ocean conditions. Ocean currents, waves, surge, and wind are changing all the time.

Never snorkel alone

Snorkel with a friend, and watch out for each other.

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