Whales & Turtles

Maui Whales


Lani Kai and Whale 005Between mid-November and mid-April Humpback Whales visit Hawaii as part of their annual migration. They’re back early this year; they’re already here.

While here they’re mating, birthing calves, nursing and preparing the calves for the long swim back to their summer feeding grounds near Alaska.

We whale watch on every trip, going out and coming back. Ask the Captain and Crew for more information.

Learn more about Humpback Whales on Wikipedia.




Maui Turtles


Green-sea-turtleOn Maui we have Hawaiian Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles.

  • They like to hide in caves and under rocks
  • To breathe they need to surface
  • Turtles are protected
  • They can be over 100 years old
  • They can grow up to five feet long
  • They can reach 700 pounds


snuba 1There are a number of Turtle Towns along the coast, anywhere caves and rocks provide them a place to hide.

At Coral Gardens, and at our favorite, protected Turtle Town cove, one of the amazing things you’ll see is the “turtle detailing center.”

A turtle will swim into a particular area, lay in the sand, and two dozen small Trigger Fish swim back and forth like little vacuum cleaners, feeding all over the turtle for a few minutes. Then the turtle will swim off and another will come in and the process repeats. Have you ever seen anything like that?

Call ahead, and we’ll let King Turtle know you’re coming!