The Snorkeling Spots

MolokiniTurtle TownCoral Gardens



Molokini is a sunken volcanic crater located between Maui and Kaho’olawe. There are numerous reasons people are excited about snorkeling here:

  • The visibility is 100-150 feet. Imagine how clear the water is!
  • The water is an unbelievable purple blue in the deeper areas of the crater
  • You can see all kinds of colorful fish, like Humuhumunukunukuapua’ar
  • See strange looking needle fish and puffer fish
  • Sometimes we meet bigger ones like the harmless reef shark or white tip shark
  • Beautiful red pencil urchins
  • Black-blue sea urchins
  • Corals


Turtle Town

Turtle Town is the nickname for all spots that turtles hang out along the Makena and Wailea coasts, and the Pali coast along Highway 30.

Here big turtles are hiding in caves or under rocks. They also sit in the sand on the bottom. Each boat has their favorite “Turtle Town”.

Our experienced Crew will tell you where to look.

There are several common reasons why people miss turtles:

  • They mistake turtles on the ground for rocks
  • They keep looking down and miss the turtle right in front of them
  • They give up too soon – sea turtles have to come up for breath


Coral Gardens

This is our beautiful alternative snorkeling spot. We go when it’s too windy to go to Molokini because this area is protected from the wind.

95% of our afternoon trips go to Coral Gardens, because the winds come up in the afternoon.

Coral Gardens is along the Pali Coast, near the tunnel, on the road between Ma’alaea and Lahaina.

Here the coral is abundant. You snorkel through valleys and mountains of beautiful, healthy coral, follow colorful fish and sometimes, turtles.

Can I get there from the coast?

Not really. Coral Gardens is at the foot of a steep cliff. Not recommended, except for mountain goats and sheep.


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